Friday, 23 December 2011

Trend: Would you want work email blocked after work hours?

Volkswagen in Germany has agreed to stop sending email through its BlackBerry servers to some of its unionized employees after working hours, BBC News reports.

Would you want work email to your Blackberry blocked after work hours? (iStock)

Employees under union negotiated contracts will not be able to receive work email on their smartphones beginning a half-hour after the end of the shift. Email service won't begin again until a half-hour before the start of their next shift. The email block does not apply to management at Volkswagen.

The automaker said it agreed to the change after employees complained that their work hours were creeping into their home lives.

The workers will still be able to make and receive calls on their BlackBerrys.

The announcement follows a similar move by French tech giant Atos, which said earlier this month it would phase out email altogether and replace it with instant messaging, video conferencing and shared documents.

What are your thoughts on email and your work life balance?

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