Thursday, 5 January 2012

The employment world doesn't need another boring resume


The employment market pendulum has swung drastically.  Professionals across Canada are feeling job volatility and have polished up their resumes.  Despite the cautious business climate, there are still great career opportunities with companies committed to elevating their talent in hopes of taking full advantage of an economy that will see the "cream" of every industry rise to the top.

If, however, you are considering a career change be warned!  The traditional resume format that jobseekers have always used will not work effectively in this economy.  Jobseekers typically submit resumes focused on past accomplishments, experiences and education, however, in speaking with thousands of hiring managers, I have found their priority is set on figuring out what a candidate can do for them in the future.  This  presents a tremendous disjoint between how jobseekers communicate and what hiring managers are looking for.

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